September Special!

Hearty beef roasts for fall feasting.  Cross-rib, Chuck, and Rump Roasts in 4-6# sizes on sale 20% off.  A 12# box at $101 will include approximately 10 pounds of roasts and 2 pounds of ground beef.  A 25# box at $186 will include approximately 20 pounds of roasts and 5 pounds of ground beef.  Prices include shipping.

Ways to pay


Send a check with an order form to Four Pines Ranch, 42979 Marble Creek Rd, Baker CIty OR 97814

Shipping information

This map represents the areas where we can ship our beef with the current insulation and ice packs.  The yellow portions on this map take one day, the light brown portions take two days, and the green portions take three days.  To ensure delivery before weekends, we ship on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays.

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