Four Pines Ranch Beef

 Pasture born, pasture raised, pasture finished

Four Pines Ranch is a small, independently owned and operated ranch located in Eastern Oregon. 

We produce and direct market all natural grassfed, pasture raised beef.   Purchase options range from individual cuts (shipping minimum 6#) to variety packs with quantities in 12.5#, 25#, 50#, 100#, 200#, and 400#.

Grassfed beef has significant health benefits, including less fat and cholesterol and more beta-carotene, Omega 3 and CLAs.

The cattle at Four Pines Ranch are pasture born, pasture raised, pasture finished...100% grassfed. They are treated with respect.

Four Pines Ranch practices sustainable land use, low density grazing, natural fertilizing, material recycling. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

If you experience a quality problem with any of our products, a shipping problem, or if you're not happy with your purchase for any reason, please let us know.  We'll do whatever it takes to make it right for you.