Oregon natural grassfed beef . . . 100% pasture raised on our ranch

Four Pines Ranch is a small, independently owned and operated ranch located in Eastern Oregon.  We produce and direct market all natural grassfed, pasture raised beef.  Grassfed beef has significant health benefits, including less fat and cholesterol and more beta-carotene, Omega 3 and CLAs.

Our beef ... the Four Pines difference

Our cattle are

  • pasture born
  • pasture raised
  • pasture finished
  • grassfed 100%
  • treated with respect

They are never given

  •  grain
  •  animal byproducts 
  •  synthetic   hormones 
  •  antibiotics
  •  GMOs

Our ranch practices

  • sustainable land use
  • low density grazing
  • natural fertilizing
  • material recycling
  • no pesticides or herbicides

Order online in minutes

Order online in minutes using any major credit card or bank account e-check through Paypal.  Paypal even offers financing at 6 months to pay with no interest.


We offer several quantity options starting with a 12.5 pound or 25 pound box and then multiples of the 25 pound box (i.e. 50, 100, 200, 400).  We use brown cardboard cubes with two inch thick high-density insulation wrapped in butcher paper.  Inside the box we include 8 cold packs that will keep the interior extremely cold.  Boxes are shipped using UPS ground service and will arrive on your doorstep in two to three days from our ranch. 


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What we do

During the growing season, our cattle are raised on fresh grass in our natural pastures.  When snow covers the ground, they feed on hay produced on our farm.  Calves stay with their moms through the winter and are weaned in early spring.


As well as providing the best possible environment, care, and management for our cattle, we also are developing the genetic line for animals that are best at processing grass into tender, tasty, and marbled meat.  We select for these characteristics in our replacement heifers and bulls.

Grassfed cattle Four Pines Ranch
Grassfed cattle Four Pines Ranch