Steak lovers special and all variety packs will be ready to ship July  31!  

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 This map represents the areas where we can ship our beef with the current insulation and ice packs.  The yellow portions on this map take one day, the light brown portions take two days, and the green portions take three days.  To ensure delivery before weekends, we ship on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays.  We cannot ship to any states beyond this map or to the red areas in New Mexico.

Steak Lovers Special (12.5 lb)


One 2-pack of New York steaks, one 2-pack of Rib-eye steaks, one to four packs of Sirloin steaks, and 6 packs of ground beef.  These steaks are 1.5" thick.


Freezer Space:  This pack will require less than .5 cubic foot.  This is about half a normal sized grocery bag and will take up about an eighth of the freezer space of most normal refrigerator/freezer units.


Shipping cost for this pack is $30.00 and will appear at checkout for a total of $200.