Our mission

Four Pines Ranch is a small, independently owned and operated ranch located in Eastern Oregon.  We are dedicated to producing and direct marketing all natural, grassfed, pasture raised beef that will satisfy your tastebuds and contribute to your health.  We practice sustainable and responsible farming and marketing.

Our history

Four Pines Ranch is located on 200 acres just outside Baker City, Oregon.  Our view to the east is across the Baker Valley to the rugged peaks of the Eagle Cap Mountains.  To the west and nearly in our back yard are the Elkhorn Mountains, particularly known for the herd of Mountain Goats who live high up in the range.


Scott bought what is now Four Pines Ranch in 1999.  The place had been neglected for quite some time, but through Scott's hard work it is now a beautiful property that fits our current ranching operation.  The pastures are maintained with grass seed that is non-gmo and fertilizer that comes from the cows.  We raise cattle with no added inputs.


Our people

Scott's background in carpentry helps him plan and execute projects from water systems to haybarns.  His years working with machinery at a ski resort gave him the knowledge and experience to be able to fix just about anything, a valuable skill every day.

Rebecca joined the ranch partnership full time in 2013 after 20+ years teaching music to elementary students.  Working without a clock dictating her schedule is a great change of lifestyle.

Our processing and packaging

Our beef is dry aged for approximately 7-10 days, vacuum packed in a USDA meat processing facility, and quick frozen at very low temperatures.  Water has no time to leave cells and move into areas with lower pressure.  Crystals are very small and are formed inside and outside the cells so there is no damage to the internal meat structure.  Meat frozen and packaged this way will retain its culinary goodness for more than a year.


When we ship a box to you, we use brown cardboard cubes with two inch thick high-density insulation wrapped in butcher paper.  Inside the box we include 8 cold packs that will keep the interior extremely cold.  Boxes are shipped using UPS ground service and will arrive on your doorstep in one to three days from our ranch. 


(shipping map)


On the inside flap of the boxes, we include a prepaid shipping label that will help you to recycle the box to us.  We can reuse the insulation and coldpacks and it helps to keep our shipping costs down.